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Souris River Canoe Rental Rates - CLICK HERE

Red Rock's 2014 Outfitting Gear Rental Rates - per day per item
Red Rock Super Pack w/barrels $9.50
Duluth-style Pack #3, 3.5 or 4 $6.00
Extra Life Vest  $3.00

All prices per calendar day. MN Sales tax not included.

Are you a Canoe Newbie?

There's no shame in being a newbie when you can solve the problem before you begin your canoe trip.  Don't start paddling without this small investment of time on your part.  Get a jump on your canoe handling skills and knowledge with our informative pages at the next few links.  The canoe will appreciate it and you'll have a better canoe trip, overall.  

Don't wear the Badge of Ignorance - Check out these FREE links!

FREE Expert Trip Routing with canoe rental.
Otherwise routing costs $75.00 for partial outfitting customers - all maps are extra.
Order all your BWCAW maps in advance of your trip for planning HERE

Red Rock's Online Outdoor Store
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Red Rock's Refund Policy

Most other outfitters say that they will refund one day less than the total number of days of early return. Except for unusual circumstances, most people, if they return early at all, return one day early. HMMMM - sounds like a little bit of doublespeak that boils down to "no refunds" for early returns for the vast majority of early return customers. We're more direct at Red Rock Outfitting.

Red Rock's Refund Policy: As our outfitting guest, you are correct to expect top-notch service and gear from us. In return, we expect a rental-time commitment from you. Until we can control the weather, camper goof-ups, scheduling problems, boredom or bad luck, NO refunds will be granted for any early trip returns. Thanks for your understanding.

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Freeze-Dried Foods Online

Rent our Super Pack if you want to carry your food, keep you camera and clothing dry, need hand tables around the camp, etc. No need to hang them. Just keep them clean (no spilled food on the outside) and stash them sealed, away from the main camp area to minimize bear risk. OR, anchor them 20 feet offshore for added protection from bears.

Click HERE for a customer's view of our Super Pack!

Red Rock's Online Outdoor Store 

Souris River Quetico 17

Bring the whole family to Northwind Lodge and Red Rock!
Are the fathers and sons going out in search of adventure in the Boundary Waters leaving mothers and daughters behind? (vice versa for those of politically correct mind) There's no reason Mom and daughters can't stay behind in one of our comfortable cabins and have a fantastic vacation right here at Northwind Lodge! FREE mountain bikes and kayaks, plus free guided activities, shopping and dining in Ely (20 minutes away), shopping at Red Rock, swimming, relaxing, fishing and much more! Your whole family can have a ball!  Click Here to go to the Northwind Lodge Website

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