Welcome to South Of The Border Outfitters

The Boundary Waters Canoe Area  Wilderness was set aside for you to enjoy by way of canoe or kayak.  This is a magical place where solitude of the wilderness permeates the air land and water.  Explore miles of vast waters, cross portages that have existed for 10,000 years and enjoy this magnificent wilderness while fishing, swimming, and just relaxing at camp.  These are few of the exciting things you can do in canoe country.  Come experience the outdoors by canoe!

You will marvel when the bald eagles soar overhead, eyes watching for a tasty meal swimming too high in the water below.   You’ll never forget the exhilarating first time you see a moose eating in the shallows of a quiet bay – but keep a safe distance – these are still wild animals.  You may find yourself watching a bear swimming across the lake (which is far better than watching him in your camp), and fishing in the cool clear waters of the north country for walleyes, prize-winning, smallmouth bass, northern pike as big as your leg and hefty, hungry lake trout.  Nothing compares to the satisfaction of personal accomplishment acquired by paddling one’s self into this majestic wilderness while being serenaded by the loons.  The rich photo opportunities from the abundance of beauty in the day and night settings will fill a large memory card.  Plus,  you never know when the northern lights will dance for you but you certainly will enjoy just looking at all the stars unfettered by external lights.  Experiencing unique wilderness like this results in a new comprehension of the universe: it becomes much larger.  You’ll never forget it and you’ll wonder how you lived without it.   The Boundary Waters experience is something you will never forget.

Let South Of The Border Outfitters help you make those memories.

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