Trip Route: Lake One to N. Kawishiwi to Ojibway Lake

Entry Point:   Lake One

Trip Length: 3 days

Apex: N. Kawishiwi River

Exit:  Ojibway Lake

Level:  Moderately Easy (Perspective – to get from Lake One to Ojibway Boat Landing with an empty canoe takes about 2 hours, 10 minutes)

Pace: 2 miles per day

Scenery:  Beautiful country, lots of sulfide bearing rocks all along the way, rapids

Busy Times: Last week of July – First week of August,

Features:  Moderate fishing, but easy short portages in granite, sulfidic rocks that can sparkle in sunlight, jackpine country with abundant reindeer moss and other beautiful flora.  This is copper-nickel country.

Problems:  Rapids.  Look inviting to try.  Portages can be very close to strong currents and difficult to see.  Longer, rugged portage from Kawishiwi River to Ojibway.  Campsites are a bit limited but there are some nice ones.

Solutions:  Follow your map closely.  Fishers are most accurate here.  Know where to expect portages and plan getting to them with your canoe.  Do not walk away from a floating canoe at the top or bottom of the portage.  Do not even think about running any rapids with our canoes unless you would like us to think about running your credit card to its financial limits.  We have done so in the past ans won’t hesitate to do so in the future.  Travel and set up camp early.  If need be, travel down stream and set up camp and then come back up.  There is no discernible currents when you are not near the rapids.The River is more like a long skinny lake.


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