Trip Route: Lake One Circle

Entry Point:  Lake One

Trip Length: 5 Days

Apex: Thomas Lake

Exit:  Snowbank or Moose

Level:  Moderate

Pace:  6 – 8 miles per day (land & sea combined

Scenery:  Beautiful – rocks, stick, water, rapids, portages

Busy Times: Last week of July – First week of August

Features:  You can get “off the beaten path” along the way if you are willing to take a few portages and avoid darn near everybody at certain times of the trip

Problems:  Portages into Lake Two and Insula can jam up with idiots laying their gear and canoes across the portages while they stop to have a sandwich or shoot the bull.  Remember, they think they’re in God’s country and really don’t care about the rest of us.

Solutions:  Travel early.  The inconsiderate usually finally get going at around 10-11 AM and there are tons of them out there. If you hit the portages at 8AM, you can avoid them all and get to the nicest campsites ahead.  You can “sleep in” at any Holiday Inn.  Why waste the day and scenery laying in your tent and then fighting crowds at portages?


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