Here’s Something You Actually Need – Kelly Kettle for Boiling Water

What is this funny looking thing?

Kelly Kettle - SmallKelly Kettle – Small

Kelly Kettle MediumKelly Kettle Medium

Kelly Kettle LargeKelly Kettle Large

I don’t care where you go or what the season, you need hot water.  You need hot water for everything.  Making hot water when you are out in the brush in -35 below F or 70 above,  you will want hot water for re-hydrating food, washing a booboo, doing the dishes, etc.  When you are away from modern plumbing and if you’ve ever camped before, making hot water is not an easy task.  Using wood, requires a fireplace, some way to prop up a pot, and fuel.  In an open air fire, usually, you need a lot of wood and therein lies the difficulty.  If it’s raining, a time when you’d need the hot water more so, your available wood supply might be soaking wet.  You get around that by using smaller twigs to bigger…

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