Canoe Routes Suggestions

5 days: Entry Lake One (30) and Exit Thomas Lake, Moose or Snowbank .

The level and pace of this trip is Moderate (6 to 8 miles per day on average) and the scenery is beautiful. You can get off the beaten path along the way if you are willing to take a few portages and avoid darn near everybody at certain times.                Portages into Lake Two and Insula can jam up with idiots laying their gear and canoes across the portages while they stop to have a sandwich or shoot the bull. Remember, they think they’re in God’s country and really don’t care about the rest of us. Travel early. The inconsiderate usually finally get going at around 10AM and there are tons of them out there. If you hit the portages at 8AM, you can avoid them and get to the nicest campsites ahead.

3-4 days: Entry and Exit Lake One (30)

Travel from Lake one and come back and exit at Lake one. The level is easy and the pace is moderate. The scenery is beautiful. Set up base camp in southern region of Lake Three – take very little gear on moderate day trips into various regions of that area. You can see a few people off the main route to Insula. You also might see lots of canoes going by in the distance depending on the month. Avoid campsites in high-traffic areas like the first site on your left past the Japanese islands in the narrows going from Lake Two to Lake Three. I would suggest you camp on Lake Three for your last nite as well. Lake One and Two sites jam up with people in busy times.   Only two short portages and 1.5 hours of travel back to Lake One landing

5 days: Entry is Lake One (30), travel to Insula and exit back at Lake one.

The level is moderate and the pace is faster you would travel 8-12 miles per day depending on your canoe ability. The scenery is beautiful. Base camp on Insula – good fishing, lots of areas to fish and hide. Get to Insula in one day, set up base camp.    There can be a fair amount of traffic on the Insula portage and more obvious routes thru lake. There can be some really windy spots. Stay off main obvious routes. Take day trips to Hope Lake and Alice Lake for walleyes. I would suggest you camp on western shores so you can get out on water if prevailing winds pick up.

3 days:  Entry is Wood Lake (26)                travel to Good Lake or Indiana Lake and exit out on Wood Lake or Moose Lake. The level and pace is moderate traveling 6-8 miles per day    , Beautiful scenery. Camp on Wood one night, and Good or Indiana second night if making loop. Longer portages initially with less available campsites. Travel earlier in the day. This is not a long trip but gives you a good feel for Boundary Waters.

7 days: Entry is Moose lake (25) travel to Kekakabic Lake and exit out on Snowbank or Lake One. The level and pace is moderately difficult traveling about 6-8 miles per day. The scenery is Awesome. Travel along Canadian border on this route. You’ll be portaging in Canada on occasion – big clear waters – cliffs – different route options. Good fishing.              You can get pinned down by waves in rough water. Watch the weather. Play by ear. Be paddling a Souris River Canoe. You may need to sit on shore and wait it out.

3 days:  Entry is N. Kaswishiwi (29) Ojibway access travel around to Bald Eagle area and exit through Ojibway landing. Tough portage from Triangle to N. Kawishiwi and you would go about 6-8 miles per day. The scenery is beautiful. Paddle down Kawishiwi river (slow/no moving) to Bald Eagle region. Make a loop thru Clear Lake to the north. Rapids can eat your canoe. You’ll also see more people as you approach on Bald Eagle/Gabbro lake area. Don’t be an idiot. Stay out of ALL rapids. That’s what portages and superlight Souris River Canoes are for. Shooting rapids is incredibly dumb when there’s a portage. Damaged canoes will cost you a bundle in repairs or replacement.

3-7 days: Entry in Moose (25) and travel Basswood along eastern edge of US Point peninsula and exit out at Moose. The level and pace is easy you could travel up to 6-8 miles per day. The scenery is awesome.              Last week in July, first week in August             Go from Moose to Wind with 2 moderate portages and head straight north to set up base camp in same day. Good Fishing, no portages after that. Very big, potentially rough water when the wind blows. You’ll be passing thru motorized section and camping in a large non-motorized area overlooking the Canadian border and Quetico Park.                Paddle a good kevlar canoe (Souris River Quetico 17) and watch the weather. I would suggest you camp on western shores. Don’t worry about the motorized area. You’ll see one or two going by in the distance.


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