Ely Area Boundary Waters Entry Points

Where to begin paddling

Entry Point
Quota Travel
4 Crab & Cummings 4 P Burntside Lake entry and better for shorter trips. Limited routes to the rest of the BWCA. Some longer portages.
6 Slim Lake 2 P Limited routes to the rest of the BWCAW.
7 From Big Lake 2 P Big Lake is outside the BWCAW, this is not a coveted entry point.
19 Stuart River 1 P Another good small river leading north toward Crooked Lake. Can be low water and long initial portage.
20 Angleworm Lake 2 P Challenging portage to start the trip-2 miles long! Definitely for lightweight Souris River Canoes
21 Angleworm Lake Trail 2 H Hiking only, pretty much an overnighter.
22 Mudro Restricted 2 P No camping on Horse allowed when you have this permit.
23 Mudro Lake 6 P A popular entry point into Horse and Basswood Rivers. Safely park your vehicle at the Chainsaw Sisters Saloon for a small fee.
24 Fall Lake 14 M, P Motors (25 hp) are permitted as far as Jackfish Bay, this is a heavily used and scenic entry. *Free transport.
25 Moose Lake 27 M, P Restricted (25HP) motor route but easy enough to paddle into motorless areas within a few hours. Also the way to Prairie Portage for obtaining Quetico entry permits at the Canadian ranger station. *Free transport.
26 Wood Lake 2 P A good way into Basswood Lake with good fishing options along the way. Some never even touch Basswood lake and have a great trip! *Free transport.
27 Snowbank Lake 8 M, P Motors (25 hp) allowed on Snowbank only. Easy access to Parent Lake – big water crossing to Boot Lake. *Free transport.
28 Snowbank Only 1 M, P With this permit, camping is allowed only on Snowbank Lake every night. *Free transport.
29 N. Kawishiwi River 1 P Entry through Ojibway/Triangle Lakes, not through lake One. Rugged portage from Triangle to Kawishiwi River. Very scenic. *Free transport.
30 Lake One 18 P A very busy lake initially. But know where you are heading and go there with “organized determination” on your first day and you’ll easily out-distance the confused and the lost. Very scenic with easy first day paddling. *Free transport.
31 From Farm Lake 3 M, P Motors (25 hp) only allowed on South Farm Lake, paddlers can quickly leave motors behind.
32 S. Kawishiwi River 2 P Put in at S. Kawishiwi Campground or Filson Creek.
33 Little Gabro Lake 2 P This area (3,500 acres) was burned a few years ago by a forest fire.
71 From Canada 3 P Use when entering BWCAW from Canada if you don’t pass through BWCAW when entering Canada.
74 Snowbank/Kek Trail 4 H Hiking only, Snowbank trail is a three day hike, Kekekabic Trail east is five days and rugged terrain.
77 South Hegman Lake 2 P Provides an easy access to the Hegman Lake pictographs. Popular day-trip area.

* H Рhiking; P Рpaddling; M Рmotor use. *Free Transport Рfree delivery and pick-up of South Of The Border Rental Canoes plus gear to these entry points.


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