Entry Point Delivery Charges

Entry Point Destinations – Round Trip Costs for canoe hauling.
We only haul Red Rock Outfitting Canoes – minimum one canoe rental required – All canoe delivery prices are per truck/trailor load – not per canoe. Round trip means we deliver them and pick them up for the one price listed below.
Entry Point Cost Entry Point Cost
Lake One (30)
Stuart River(19)
Snowbank Lake (27)
Angleworm (20)
Moose Lake (25)
Hegman (22)
Wood Lake (26)
Crab Lake (4)
N. Kawishiwi River(29)
Nina Moose (16)
Fall Lake (24)
Little Indian Sioux (14)
Farm Lake (21)
So. Kawishiwi River(32)
Mudro (23)
Kawishiwi Lake (37) Not Available Little Isabella River (34) Not Available
Island River Snake River (84)
While we will make every attempt to keep the above gear tranportation rates as listed, we do reserve the right to apply an additional surcharge to account for rising fuels costs.

For areas that we do not offer rental canoe delivery, we do offer car-carry gear for hauling your own canoe. Note: Hauling canoes on pick-up trucks with or without a topper can be the most difficult vehicle for canoe securing. Call if you have questions about hauling yourself. 218-365-4512

Questions? Email: redrockgear@gmail.com


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