FREE Canoe Delivery OFFER

FREE Canoe Delivery Offer 

Don’t delay.  This offer ends on April 15!

Red Rock Outfitting

For a limited time, reserve a canoe rental for your next BWCA trip in the Ely area, and we’ll deliver it for FREE to a bunch of popular sites and at a reduced rate to a bunch of other popular entry points!  See the list below.

FREE Delivery/pickup  to:

  • Lake One (30)
  • Snowbank (27)
  • Moose Lake (25)
  • Wood Lake (26)
  • Ojibway Lake (29)
  • Fall Lake (24)


Half Price Canoe Delivery/pickup to for all the others that we offer:

See list here:



For those not familiar with our delivery method –

Red Rock loads up your rental canoes and we all head down to the entry point on the morning of your trip – together.  Earliest departure is 7 AM.  (I know “everybody” is always prepared the “night before” to leave “at first light” and if I had a dime for every outfitting party that didn’t make even the 7 AM departure time despite their best assurances.  7 AM is the earliest time.)   If you are coming out at the same entry point, you simply leave the canoe to the side of the landing, flip it over and stop back in at Red Rock whereupon we run down and pick it up.  It’s easy as pie and you aren’t sitting there waiting in the rain should you decide to come out early.  We’ve now been doing it like this for decades with no problems whatsoever.

Now, we can also, drop you and your gear off at Lake One and have one of your people drive the car to the Snowbank or Moose Lake landing (or vice versa) and then re-deliver the person who drove the car to the destination entry point so after your trip from Lake One to Moose your car is right there waiting for you after your canoe trip.   In that case, you again, would leave the canoe to the side flipped over, stop in at Red Rock to report that you are back, and we would go pick them up.

We make it easy because schedules are always tight.


Call to reserve your canoes  1-800-280-1078

Canoe Rental Rates HERE




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