Trip Route: Lake Three/Four Base Camp

Entry Point:  Lake One

Trip Length: 3 Days

Apex: Lake Three

Exit:  Lake One

Level:  Moderate

Pace:  6 – 8 miles per day (land & sea combined

Scenery:  Beautiful – rocks, sticks, water, rapids, portages

Busy Times: Last week of July – First week of August

Features:  This is an easy trip but due to the insanely handled Pagami Fire (our government helping us all with a “controlled” (HA! My butt!) burn), there are less campsites available in Lake Three.  There are still sites available on the north shores of Lake Three and Four.  Unfortunately a bunch of sites to the south did get removed by Uncle Sam.  That being said, this is still a neat area to visit and easy to access with only two piddly portages.

Problems:  With only two piddly portages separating  Lake Three from Lake One, the city folk think it’s a really big deal to go to Lake Two and jam up the campsites, nowadays.  Apparently, a 30 minute paddle is now considered a “canoeing adventure” for many.  As a result, they haul a ton of silly crap along and plug up the portages as well.  My personal favorite was the travel cooler with the little wheels on it. Technically, very much illegal, but they suck so bad as camping gear the US Forest Service allows them in just for entertainment purposes.  Don’t forget that the USFS was in charge of burning down 10% of of the BWCA in the Pagami fire as well.  So, allowing the little-wheeled, illegal travel coolers makes sense to them.

Solutions:  Travel early.  Today’s “new adventurers”  usually finally get going at around 10-11 AM.   Hit the water early and go to Lake Four.  Stick your flag with the family crest in a campsite on the north shore and defend your claim against confused insurgents who will bumble by much later in the day.  Most will stay on Lake Two because getting wilderness on you is only done with an app anymore.