Trip Route: Moose Lake to Knife to Kekekabic to Snowbank

Entry Point:  Moose Lake

Trip Length: 7 Days

Apex: Kekekabic Lake

Exit:  Snowbank Lake

Level:  Moderately Difficult

Pace:  6 – 8 miles per day (land & sea combined)

Scenery:  Awesome – Cliffs, Hills, big water, rapids

Busy Times: Last week of July – First week of August, Memorial Weekend, Labor Day Weekend

Features:  Travel along Canadian border on this route.  You’ll be portaging in Canada on occasion – big clear waters – cliffs – different route options.  Good fishing.

Problems:  You can get pinned down by waves in rough water.

Solutions:  Watch the weather.  Play by ear.  Be paddling a Souris River Canoe, particularly a Quetico 17 or 18.5 with three people.   You may find that you need to sit on shore and wait the wind out in some places on occasion.